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22April2013 News from Brazil. The TelexFREE USA IT team flew out to work hand in hand with the TelexFREE Brazil IT team to prepare for massive growth and to fix some of the glitches. We are excited that they are listening to the field, addressing the issues, and being serious about the longevity and sustainability of TelexFree.

05April2013 Webinar
2pm – 2:20pm EST
Hosted by Kelly Tolar
Darcy Updates
New customer service staff in Boston office

Drastic improvement in customer service
But in time it will improve even more

Starting to get positive feedback from the field

This weeks commission appears to be on time for the most part

Different banks process deposits differently so you may get it Wed or Thurs or Friday or even Saturday. Normally you get the email and the next day the money shows up in your account. Depends upon the bank.

Make sure your name is the same name on the bank account in your bank info

Steve Labriola wants to know if tickets are not being answered in 48 hours. Go back and screenshot the old ticket. Then if you can close it, resubmit a new ticket. Then if no answer in 48 hours, then contact us know so we can get it expedited for you. Now tickets are coming to Boston and not Brazil.

Contact your leader who can get your problem sent directly to
Darcy Allen – Be very brief. SUBJECT: self-explanatory. (MISSING STOCK, MISSING COMMISSION, SECONDARY PASSWORD) Don’t tell a whole story in the email. BE BRIEF! FACTS ONLY.

Randy Crosby
We are breaking records now that the Brazil investigation is all over and done

Different meetings going on throughout the country now
Creole meetings, French meetings. Absolutely Phenomenal!
Atlanta: details forthcoming in a beautiful meeting facility. Karla and Carlos Wiley are in charge of this.

Darcy Allen
Training calls by various leaders immediately following the 2pm EST webinar. Register for the webinars at

Doesn’t matter which team you are on or where you are geographically located. Come one … Come all…

Mr. Steve Labriola lost his father last Friday.
Service tomorrow 11am
Contact Darcy for more information
Keep his family in your prayers this weekend

Closed by Kelly Tolar to register and get your own special webinar links every day
End of meeting

When you look at the massive growth with this company there comes challenges you have to overcome. Be patient. Telex is aware of most of the challenges we face. They know the software system has glitches. They know the server migration afftected the binary pay time. They know we are delayed in payments. They know bank deposits are not being populated quickly enough. Be patient. Let the grass grow, before we play football! There are 3 IT departments working on fixing the issues that come up. There were many issues with the binary payments the past week. They had all 3 IT companies working on this. They had to go in and go line by line code by code to find the problem. Some contracts were working on and some contracts were not. So they had to figure out why. The database was correct but the program was not working correctly. So this affected the commission payments being made this week. So the commissions have been delayed this week, but it is fixed now so you should get the funds on Saturday and next Monday.

Right now the company is getting ready to purchase a 4 or 5 million dollar building in the US to staff for customer service. Thank Goodness!

There was a Special Guest on the Call:
Originally from Brazil. Now lives in US. Went to Brazil for the latest event. There were only 400 tickets sold for the event. They were sold out in 20 minutes. He visited the office in Brazil. Was very pleased to see the operation there. Thought they were very professional. Met some of the corporate team. Thought they were all very friendly and nice people. The event was great. Showed the video from Celso Freitas. Learned a lot about TelexCOMMERCE.

There are around 700,000 Promoters now in Brazil. Company website is now around 44 or 46th on Alexa in all of Brazil. TelexCOMMERCE will focus on local market in Brazil. Will make TelexFREE an even larger company. Will have companies advertise on the TelexFREE site. You can talk to a restaurant who wants to advertise on TelexCOMMERCE. If they sign contract with TelexFREE, you will get a commission of 30% based on the advertising contract and 10% on an ongoing monthly basis.

Will let business advertise for relatively cheap to over 700,000 people in Brazil. Team Builder bonuses could be going up and up. We will be able to make purchases from our back office. If you want to go to a restaurant, you can pay for experience from your back office and get a voucher and use it to pay at the restaurant. So you will be able to go to TelexCOMMERCE, search by city or by item, find something you want to buy and buy it from your back office account. So it will be like a Shopping Club, but better. It is a viable business model where other international companies are attempting to launch, but are failing. We have a system that will influence all of South America and into North America and Europe. You will be able to get a TelexFREE discount on items you want to purchase!

So everyone will be telling people, go to TelexCOMMERCE and buy this or buy that. Will let all of us propel our business even more. Will infuse even more money into TelexFREE. Even now, if you know a company in the US that wants to advertise in Brazil you could sign them up. The contracts are available and ready for all. If someone is not a Promoter for TelexFREE they can still go to your website and make purchases and you will get commissions. And maybe they tell someone else you will get commissions from them also. Will be on a 5 level unilevel plan. Enhancing the compensation plan for those that get engaged now.

If you click on the Brazilian flag at the Main Website there will be an area for you to sign up like an agent for TelexCOMMERCE and you can go to businesses and have them sign up to advertise. They will be able to post pictures, maps, information etc. TelexFREE will become huge advertising / purchasing site in Brazil. Everyone in Brazil knows about TelexFREE and soon the world.


Randy, wants everyone to understand the Vision, the Opportunity and Timing is huge here with TelexFree. We can’t have perfection…but we can have a company that pays us weekly.

Company started off in January 2012 with 0 promoters…and as of now there are 1 MILLION promoters in TelexFree.

That is phenomenal!!!

This is not a money game or an investment.

We have the ability to earn not just weekly but daily.

2 days ago A brand new service was launched…Telexcommerce…there will be a special call with people from Corporate to talk about the service..sometime next week. Still waiting on the details for that call. …

We are part of an opportunity that does not depend on someone saying Yes or No!! How powerful is that?!! Company has spread over 63 different countries … and we are the fastest growing company out there.

Randy had the opportunity today to speak with the Realtor here in the U.S because the company is getting ready to purchase a building to handle the massive growth the company is seeing. TelexFree went from 0 promoters to 400,00 by December 2012 900,000 promoters ..just in Brazil..and less than 5,000 in the U.S….all in a 15 months span!! amazing!

People’s lives are changing in Brazil..people are buying their dream cars and homes..See … in Brazil, people have to wait four days before they get put in the system..but they are patient because they see the vision and they understand the opportunity they have. Here in the U.S we are at the beginning stages still. Company is building a system that will calculate everything accurately and still upgrading servers and additional systems to track massive growth. …. Overall the message on the call is for everyone to be PATIENT!! It’s not going to be perfect. There will be hiccups here and there. Your upline is not the company. They are here to assist you as best as they can. The company knows what they are going to be doing and what they will be adding to benefit all of us.

They have a vision and there are things that will come to pass.. TelexFree is building over the world. Patience is the key!! ..Darcy came on the call:: I am a firm believer in helping others and leading by example. You put in the hours now in the beginning and it will pay off in the long run. Lot’s of families lives are changing..Thank you to all the leaders behind the scenes who are not on the calls or can’t always make it on the calls…But they are working their business and helping their team which helps me out as well. So big thanks to ALL LEADERS out there. ….Not everything is perfect, but we are in the right company to be in!!!

Playback number:
712 432 1085 pin 376560#

Arnold Donato


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29March2013: The Brazil Judicial Court DEMANDED that the Ministry of Finance STOP All Negative Publications about TelexFREE! VICTORY!


The TELEXFREE in suit for damages against the Ministry of Finance, which is obtained favorable decision, determining that this Ministry immediately remove from your website the note on the activities of TELEXFREE. This success is worth sharing with everyone.

IMPORTANT: We have been authorized by our law to disclose the decision.

“Ilmo. Mr. Carlos Costa,
Follow annexed duty judicial decision rendered in federal court in the District.
You may disclose the decision, since as his lawyers were already enjoined the same. ”

Advisers, it is also important to mention that other measures are being adopted to prove definitely the legality of our activities in Brazil.

Sincerely, TelexFREE.



TelexFREE/YMPACTUS COMERCIAL LTDA, renders this NOTE OF CLARIFICATION on the activities of the Secretary of Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance (SEAE/MF) on TelexFREE regarding the following points:

1. It was confirmed that the TelexFREE does not advance and capture, by such reason is not obligated to obtain the authorization of the Secretary;

2. TelexFREE does not practice the sale of goods or services, due to this typical local trade activities are not required; the delivery of VoIP service and management of accounts is performed directly by TelexFREE in the United States to consumers anywhere they are over the Internet; in other words, jurisdiction falls in the country where the VoIP services are provisioned;

3. As the realization of services is carried out in the United States via internet access, users/individuals who purchase accounts also require their own ISP (Internet Service Provider); In addition, these Carrier connections, are those of the ISP who provides the service, to connect to the TelexFREE VoIP platform in the United States;

4. There is no encouragement of informal economy, since the income that a promoter gets is reported directly to the Internal Revenue Service as individual income, and so is taxed, with withholding tax and due payment, according to the Ministry of Finance’s own table; the activities that the Promoter carries out turn only for packages that are purchased for resell, in this way, to accept the general terms of the contract, the Promoter is fully aware of performance and how much they will receive;

5. The values of the price increases are in the exact proportion of the services that the promoter carries out, cannot be configured as excessive since the General Regulation lays down the percentages whose value is already built into the total cost of VoIP accounts offered.

Best Regards,



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Arnold Donato